Hi Jillian and Small Family CSA Farm,

I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work this season in growing our food!  This was our first year participating in your summer and fall CSA, and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of beautiful food we received!  I enjoyed every week of our CSA and can’t wait for next season!  We have recommended you to several friends as well and are so happy we participated in your CSA.

We just moved to Dubuque from California, and when we moved here last year, the one thing I missed most was the abundant amounts of organic fruits and veggies you could get all year round in CA.  I was so disappointed in the produce section of our grocery stores here in Iowa.  Being a part of your CSA has been my saving grace and has given me so much to look forward to each week!  I can now say that you CAN get amazing produce here in the Midwest!  Thank you all so, so much, for an amazing season! 

Thank you!  Enjoy your winter, and we look forward to participating in your CSA next year!


Annemarie and Michael Jarcho


"Jillian and everyone at Small Family Farm,  Thank you so much for a great year!!! This was our second year with a CSA – and we loved it more than last year. I really think you need more than the first year to determine if a CSA is for you. We did a great job using almost everything – and the things we didn’t use, we passed along to someone who could. I was very proud when the school lunch for my kids one day was “potato leek soup” and they both knew what leeks were!! Not too bad for a 4th grader and kindergartener. I was also taken back one day while I was walking through the produce section at the grocery store to see stickers on various fruits and vegetables – I am forever thankful that for 20 weeks there are no stickers on the fresh food we eat!!!  Thank you for all you do. We look forward to next year and will be ready to sign up again when that time comes. Enjoy the quiet of the winter and the excitement to come soon in your family!"

Stacey Sjoquist, West Salem CSA Member

"Thank you thank you for providing excellent veggies this season. This was my first time to have a CSA share and I think I am a convert for life now.  I never knew there were so many things I could do with kale and tomatoes and have enjoyed this learning experience thoroughly. Everyone loved coming over for dinner on Wednesday nights at my house and I love all the new additions to my recipe box!  I can now shop equipped with the knowledge that I actually know what grows and when, where I live.  Thanks again and congratulations on your expanding family. Happy growing!"

Stefanie Benesh


"Love he wonderful veggies!  My husband and I have actually tried things we never would have considered because you provided them in the boxes.  I have always considered myself one who would try anything but realize now I limited myself to things I knew about.  Many thanks for broadening our horizons!"  Jacalyn, Onalaska CSA Member

"We made a great curry with the radish and bok choy and had a delicious fresh salad.  We blessed you and your land as we ate.  Thank you so much!"  Adrianne, La Farge CSA Member.

"Troy and I just want to thank you for the yummy veggies.  I was washing everything up last night and I truly felt as though I was placing little treasures in our refrigerator!!  We have enjoyed all the produce and look forward to next week! "  Faye, La Crosse CSA Member


“Delicious!  Wonderful!  Bravo!  A culinary delight and a greatly appreciated service!  Thank you!  Here’s to your continued success.”  Allegra, La Farge CSA member


“...I’m happy to be part of your CSA.  Thanks again.”  Jean, La Farge CSA member


“We enjoyed every bit of the food and found the flavor and quality to be of the highest degree.  We have been so pleased with every aspect of the service we are signing up again for 2006.”  -Allen, La Farge CSA member.


“The weekly veggie box is an absolute delight!  Knowing how you raise/farm your veggies makes us realize how fortunate we are!  I love the kale the best.  The tomatoes are incredible!”  -Cathy, La Crosse CSA member


“My husband and I loved the CSA program and really appreciate the work and philosophy that you  incorporate into the farm.  We need more people to care for the earth the way you do.  So, THANK YOU!!”  -Rebecca, La Crosse CSA member


“I can’t wait for the first box...it’s a lot like a summer Christmas, and now you’re my Santa!  And that’s fun.  Thanks for your hard work.”  Bernard, La Farge CSA member


“Thank you very much for the great work you are doing.  Your boxes are beautiful!  We are enjoying every item you have grown and harvested with love and care.” Beth, La Farge CSA member


“This arrangement has been a wonderful adventure for us!  Each week a great box of precious produce.  We have had some of the best meals ever at our home and been pushed to come up with new preparations that we would not otherwise have tried.  I can see the tremendous amount of work that goes into this project…”  Jim, Dubuque CSA member


“Dear Jillian and Family,  I just read the newsletter in which you discuss the price of eating organically.  Thanks, form the bottom of my heart, for stating some important facts about what you folks do.  Some of these facts are more obvious to some than others…  I have absolutely enjoyed my weekly boxes and when I’m standing at the sink washing the dirt from the abundance, my heart totally goes into it!  As a matter of fact, I was just thinking the other day how spoiled my taste buds have undoubtedly gotten:  how will I get through the winter months?!!!  My husband and I have savored the experience of new and delicious food that we wouldn’t necessarily buy in the store, so thanks for that part, too!  Absolutely yummy in our tummies!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Peace and love.”  Marion, Galena CSA member.


“Just a quick note to say how much we appreciate the vegetables every week and all your hard work bringing them to us.  This is our first year in the CSA and it has exceeded our expectations in every way.  Keep up the good work!”  Sarah, Brent, Josie, True and Cora, Dubuque CSA member.


“Thank you, and Adam, and Momma Jane for all the bounty we’ve been enjoying from your farm.  It’s weird in this day and age to be personally connected to those who are growing our food.  I can’t tell you how much fun it is to wonder ‘what’s in the box?’ all week long.  It’s been like Christmas every Friday afternoon!”  Beth, Dubuque CSA member.


"That spinach was just DELICIOUS!!! And so was the asparagus.  I just praise God for such blessings through you.  I look forward to the whole summer of “good” things.  Thank you soo much."  Judy, La Crosse CSA member


"I fear that we as consumers have forgotten what good, fresh, homegrown food tastes like. We take what they sell at the grocery (I can't call it a supermarket, there's nothing super about it) and think this is how food should to taste. Last week, knowing better, but in a weak moment, I bought some California strawberries. Then your sweet, ripe berries arrived on Friday. I had my husband do a taste test, one of the store bought berries and one of yours, there was NO comparison, he was amazed!  We're a culture that wants what we want, when we want it and have forgotten there is a time and a season for everything. And we've unwittingly sacrificed a lot along the way.

So whether it's in an effort to cut down on fuel costs for shipping un-ripe produce great distances, or it's a desire to eat better tasting food and support our local economies, we're grateful for your tireless efforts and back-breaking work. We look forward to a flavorful summer shared with you." Mary, Dubuque CSA Member


"I just love being one of your loyal members, and knowing that so much of what I eat is grown by such amazing people."  Michael, La Crosse



Pick Up your CSA box of veggies at our designated dropsites in Dubuque IA, Lancaster WI, Platteville WI, Onalaska WI, Viroqua WI, La Farge WI, La Crosse WI, Sparta WI, West Salem WI, Middleton WI, Fitchburg WI, Verona WI and Madison WI.