Punchlist as of 12/10/2015


Community tab

  1. Member resources missing
  2. Recipes - Check configuration on category layout
  3. Gallery
    1. Put back current gallery
    2. Try grid layout for menu; send review to Jillian
    3. Try RokGallery

From Kendall

  1. Upgrade to latest of everything
  2. Add Blog to the site

From Adam and Jillian

  1. Make sure user registration is off for live site
  2. Add login for admin area (firewall / admin tools)
  3. Home Page
    1. Left column buttons
      1. purchase goes to share pages
      2. newsletter goes to the newsletter landing page
    2. Main content
      1. Article title - make it match what was there before as far as sizing, color, etc.
  4. Community 
    1. Landing Page
      1. Change out to remove references to "signing up"
      2. Update to reflect what community resources are there