Left to right, top to bottom:  Adam, Momma Jane, Drew, Jillian and Julie.  Plus our three dogs.

Left to right, top to bottom: Adam, Momma Jane, Drew, Jillian and Julie. Plus our three dogs.

June Fifth

Oh, what a feeling it is, like being re-united with old friends. How I have missed you all, how I have missed the life of the garden and how I have missed the connection we have with life thru the garden. It feels good to have it all back again. Thank you for your spiritual and financial support of this farm. Without you, the CSA members, I assure you that we would not be where we are today, farming. You are the foundation of what this farm ismade of.

Some of the spinach crew!
We are beginning our fourth season running the CSA and we’re geared up for our best growing season yet. We’ve spent the last three years learning from painful, expensive and messy mistakes. We’re expecting our fair share of more painful, expensive and messy mistakes, but are happy to have the old ones behind us now as we are armored with more learning experiences and growing pains to carry us into this year.

Adam, Momma Jane and myself, Jillian are the ones who run the farm. We live here year round and understand the rhythms of this farm better than anyone. It takes all three of us planted here for all of the systems to function. This summer we are blessed to have my sister, Julie and her boyfriend, Drew to spend the summer on the farm with us. Julie and Drew have an interest in farming and a natural pull towards the country life. They’re here to live and work with us to understand some of the realities of the life as a farmer.

We're happy here at Small Family CSA Farm!
Julie and Jillian. Awww, sisters!

As a young person myself, I am pleased to see other people even younger than me interested in learning where their food comes from and how it was grown or raised. I feel lucky to have the young person on the farm be my little sister who I am getting to know as a woman and her male partner in life at this time. As we sit in the spinach patch and harvest your delicious, succulent, savory spinach we laugh, sing and tell stories. We talk about evolution, seed saving, old cartoons from the 70’s and what it means to become a real man. We’re learning and working and playing and praying all at the same time in the garden where your food is grown. Please hold a gentle image of us in the back of your mind this summer while you nourish yourselves and your families thru the delicious meals that you will create.

Go on, get creative!

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