September Eighteenth

Greetings all from Momma Jane this week!  Jillian let me take the helm as readies for the Madison Farmers Market.  Busy, busy as usual with oh so much to do yet this season, with so little time. We have to admit we’re kinda glad we’re winding down, folks.  Yup, we’re now entering the final ‘quarter’ of our CSA season with just 5 weeks to go. It’s literally just days before the Vernal Equinox (Fall), which is a time where it usually feels a little bittersweet for us here on the farm. Our bodies are reminding us it has been a long, arduous season and we are SO looking forward to the rest, still we hate to bid farewell to our delicious friends in the field… and our surrogate ‘CSA family’. Yet I’m sure you will all be glad (I know I am) not to have to commiserate over what you could possibly do with yet another 5 pounds of cabbage?!? Nonetheless, it is bittersweet. And I know it sounds so cliché (this newsletter is full of them), but we’d like to shout a huge THANK YOU, in advance, for choosing us, Small family CSA, and for casting an ever increasing ‘vote’ for fresh, local food. We applaud you, we thank you, and we just want you all to know how important this small decision was: to buy local and to support a CSA farm.  Ever important to your health, but also to the health of your local economy.

September Eleventh

A pleasant, warm, dry and quick week on the farm.  In fact the time seems to be growing more pleasant, strangely a bit warmer, increasingly dryer and oh so quick, I can hardly tell that a week has passed.  Where is the time going?  I think I’ve been sinking my time into digging, clipping, cutting, bunching and bagging veggies galore all so that all of my time can be gobbled up by your grumbling bellies.  It’s a challenge, but a worthy one at that.


The leaves on the trees are beginning to turn here and I have been noticing the absence of the song birds.  I think the birds are all getting a little lazy about waking up in the morning with the heavy dew, increasingly later sunrise and sense that the summer days are ending.  Maybe they’re all morning in their nests or planning their trip south for the winter.  Where are they all?  Having their last supper with all of the children they’ve raised this summer?  How I will miss the songbirds and come to despise the crows as they dominate the sound-space of the fall air with their arguing and crowing.

September Fourth

Sooo….WHAT’S in the BOX???


August Twenty-Eigth

This week I’m pretty sure I felt a turn of the seasons.  I happen to be rejoicing in this awareness as the heat does not suit me well.  I find myself enjoying such tasks, once again, as driving the truck out to the field to begin a harvesting project and keeping at it until the end of it without the need for water breaks, or any kind of break for that matter.  Without the sun beating down on me, I find once again, that I really do love my work!


It’s a bit of a reality check when I look at the forecast and I see lows in the evening dipping back down into the 40’s.  It gets me thinking about what all needs to be done before the frosts start hitting.  We’ll have to start thinking about getting our winter squash out of the fields before the frosts, picking all of the peppers left on the plants, cleaning up the tomatoes, freezing green beans, and giving as much basil to you as we can manage before we have to wait an whole additional year for more.