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June Nineteenth

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I often wish I could get Farmer Adam to write a Newsletter for us. His perspective, especially as the lead farmer these days, would be fascinating to hear. He’s a man of few words that works mostly quietly and keeps to himself most of the time. Yet, he has a steadiness and an easiness about him that still makes him very approachable and human. I have always loved the way he stays so calm and collected in what feels like the hardest times for me to remain calm and casual. I hope I can do the same for him as his wife. Many times when he is worried or stressed about something, I am the one who is calm and casual. Maybe this is why we make a good team?!?!  We have different realms to worry over and then all the bases are covered. As a tribute to him over this past Father’s Day weekend, I thought of turning the spotlight onto Farmer Adam.

Farmer Adam is not a prideful or boastful person, so you would have to work at him a bit to get him to share his knowledge. He’s more than he seems. He really is the one who studies the farm and keeps the closest eyes on the crops. He can frequently be seen just talking walks along the rows or riding the golf cart around the farm to check on the crops. He always picks the first radish or melon or strawberry or carrot and brings it to the kitchen table for us to find like a cat leaving a mouse at the doorstep. He also brings in things like leaf samples and rotting or unhealthy looking plants or fruits and leaves them next to the computer where he does his research. I often have to close out a few windows of University studies on plant pathogens or some other research project he’s looking into before I can get to the desktop. He thinks hard when things don’t go well and wants to do everything in his power to understand how to fix it. He rubs his beard, crosses his legs and stares out the window when something is perplexing him.  I know to let him think when get gets like this.  

These last couple weeks Farmer Adam has been ruminating over the deer pressure. We’re seeing a lot of damage in the Sweet Pea patch and Beets this year. Deer pressure has increased heavily in the last few years and we’re finally starting to look into ways to keep them at bay. They have discovered our farm and they know there are good eats here!  As someone who loves Farmer Adam dearly, I struggle with watching him become so consumed by a dilemma like this. It is absolutely part of what makes him so good at his work, but it also means that he is the one suffering.

I feel thankful to be Adam’s partner in this operation. I have struggled somewhat as my roll of being a mother has demanded more and more and still somehow even more of my time. I have struggled with resigning many of the primary decision making responsibilities of running this farm over to him. And lucky for us all, farmer Adam has scooped up every ball that I have ever dropped as the veil of motherhood is pulled over me. He is not only a good farmer, as I have already mentioned, he is a fantastic husband who helps to breath life into this dream that we share. Farmer Adam is also a good father. He is loyal, committed and devout. He provides for our little family in the best way he knows how. He “brings home the bacon”, or shall we say “broccoli”. Thank you Farmer Adam for being all that you are!  Thank you for worrying over everything and wearing it so well.  

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Soooo....What's in the Box????

Kohlrabi-  1 Purple Kohlrabi per member.  A few people may have received a while kohlrabi.  Many people don't know that kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family. Its name being derived from the German "kohl" for cabbage and "rube" for turnip. It's sometimes mistaken for a root vegetable, but the bulbous part of the plant grows above soil, with a thin tap root below ground.  If you're new to it, don't be scared!  It is so versatile!  It has the crunchiness and crispyness and mildness of an apple.  It's not as sweet as an apple, but can be eaten raw, cooked, spiralized, shaved, matchsticked, or prepared in almost any way you could dream up!  My dad use you love to to just slice them up and eat them raw with a veggie dip.  (Peel off the outer, tougher skin).  ALSO, don't forget that Kohlrabi leaves are perfectly edible!  Use them like you woudl Kale!

Cherry Bell Radish-  This is the final week of Spring Radishes.  Radishes love the cool, Spring weather.  As soon as we get these long, warm days, radishes get tough and hot fast!  Shave them onto salad, sprinkle them with salt, ferment them or find a way to enjoy the last of the Spring Radishes however you like!

Hakurai Salad Turnips-  Hakurais are not your average turnip!  These are a smooth, subtle, crunchy, sweet and absolutely wonderful Spring Treat!  If you thought you didn't like turnips, just give these a try and I bet we can make you a believer!  They're better eaten raw like a radish than they are cooked.  But you are welcome to add the to your stir fry if that's what you fancy!  

Broccoli-  We were able to give broccoli this week, but Spring heads are always smaller and not quite as perfect as the heads we grow in the Fall.  Stick with us and we'll show you what we can really do!  Spring Broccoli gets a little stressed out from all the crazy spring weather with very cold then warm then wet, more wet and then hot and never performs as well.  But ta daaaa!  We do have broccli in the boxes this week!

Curly Green Kale-  Generous bunches of curly green kale for everyone this week.  The leaves are so tender in the early Summer!  I know that Kale is a strange new vegetable for some people, but a trusted old friend for others.  Kale is maybe the worlds healthiest food, so find your favorite recipe and enjoy!  

Cilantro-  I survive each midwestern winter with the promise of fresh Cilantro in the Spring.  I LOVE cilantro.  With all the lettuce this week, make Taco Salads!  If you don't love the flavor raw, chop it up and cook it in with your taco meat/beans and much of the intensity of cilantro vanishes.  I have a Cilanro Lime Salad dressing that love to make!  

2 Heads Lettuce-  Such tender, unique heads of Spring Lettuce!  You may have received a green oakleaf, a buttercrunch and/or a red oakleaf lettuce.  

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Cilantro Lime Salad Dressing

Kale with Red Beans, Cilantro and Feta Cheese

Spicy Kohrabi Noodles

Sweet Kale Salad with Poppyseed Dressing

Glazed Hakurai Salad Turnips with Greens