Pay using Paypal or your Credit Card

 Pay using Venmo to @Jill-Varney      You must also e-mail or mail us a Sign Up Form if you pay using Venmo so we know what the payment is for.  

Pay by Check:

You can pay by check in one or two installments:
1)  Print a Sign-Up Form and fill it out!
2)  Write one check out to the farm for the total amount of your share options.  Make checks payable to the Small Family Farm.  
3)  Send check and order form to:
Small Family CSA Farm
S2958 W. Salem Ridge Road
La Farge, WI 54639


Pay by Check in Installments

Follow the steps above, but instead of sending in just one check, send in two checks, each for half of the amount.  Your second check can be post-dated for any time before August 1st. 

Pay using your Snap Card  
If you wish to use your Snap, Food Stamp or EBT card, contact Jillian to set up a payment plan using manual vouchers.  We can set up a montly withdrawl over the course of the season to make the payments more manageable.  

Pay with Assistance

If you're a low-income family and would like some assistance paying for your CSA share, check out the Partner Shares Program.  There are other links on our website to the Partner Shares program.  This program will help you pay for up to half of the cost of your share(s).  You'll also notice that on our sign-up forms we have an option for able families to donate $50 toward a low-income familie's share.  The money that these families donate goes into the Partner Shares fund that helps folks pay for their share who need it.  But hurry, funds are usually exhaused for this program by April 1st, even though the deadline is April 15th to apply.  
The folks at Fair Share can even set it up so that you're paying for your half of the share with your SNAP card.  It's pretty cool, check it out!

All Done?!?!

Once you have ordered, we will be in contact with you closer to the beginning of box deliveries.  You will receive a weekly newsletter via e-mail once the box delivereis have begun.  Questions or comments? Please contact Jillian at (608) 625-4178 or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pick Up your CSA box of veggies at our designated dropsites in Dubuque IA, Lancaster WI, Platteville WI, Onalaska WI, Viroqua WI, La Farge WI, La Crosse WI, Sparta WI, West Salem WI, Middleton WI, Sun Prairie WI, Verona WI and Madison WI.