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icon-winterFall Share: October 31st and November 14th. These two boxes are loaded with larger quantities of your favorite storage vegetables such as 3#bags of onions, 1# of garlic, 5# bags of potatoes, 7# winter squash, 3# bags of beets, 5# bags of carrots, a couple celeriac roots, some parsnips, and more!  Veggie Fall Share (two extra heavy boxes for $105)

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Extend the season a little further!  One Large box of storage veggies to be delivered to your designated dropsite just two days before Thanksgiving!  Included in the box will be all of your locally grown, Thanksgiving Day favorites like pie pumpkins, other winter squashes, potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots and more.  


Other Payment Options

Tomato Basil Garlic Sauce made with *organic tomatoes, *organic onions, *organic garlic, lemon juice, and *organic basil from the Small Family Farm!  6 Quarts 

*from the Small Family Farm



Katsup made from the excess bounty of Small Family Farm's tomato crop this summer.  Made with our organic tomatoes, onions, garlic and peppers.  Also has organic sugar and apple cider vinegar.  This katsup is not what you're used to with store-bought katsup.  It looks almost like a thick tomato sauce but tastes like a home-made product with fun spices like cinnamon and clove.  We use it to cover our meat-loaf, dip our french-fries in, home-made sweet and sour sauce and we even use it in our home-made barbecue sauce.  If you're open to a new texture and flavor for Katsup, we recommend trying it!



1 Quart Pure Raw Honey from Wild Comb Apiaries.  Honey that was never heated at any of the processing steps and was only minimally filtered to remove large peices of wax.  Your honey will come in liquid form.  Raw honey will 'crystalize' over time if allowed to sit.  This is a natural process that raw honey eventually goes through that does not mean that your honey is bad or spoiled.  The crystalization process can make your honey easier to spread or scoop and measure.  It can also be gently warmed and turned back into liquid form if desired.  


Lovingly gathered in pails during the melting snow in March.  This sap was collected by our amish neighbors, boiled down, and bottled into beautiful glass bottles for you.  


When you sign up for 'Veggies to Share' your dollars go directly toward the Partnerorganic-greenShare's Program that is organized by the hardworking folks at The Fair Share CSA Coalition, a not-for-profit organization.  where the money is used to help fund the cost of a low-income family's CSA share.  When you sign up for 'Veggies to Share' you can also receive the Weekly Dig Newsletters and you are invited to attend all of our on farm events and tours.

Other Payment Options

A Guide to Cooking Farm-Fresh, Seasonal Produce

Third Edition. From Asparagus to Zucchini is an indispensable, nationally renowned resource for people who want to make the most of local and seasonal produce. The perfect resource for the conscientious chef or devoted CSA farm member! Alphabetically lists each veggie with recipes, cooking and storage tips. Simple to use, this basic CSA cookbook is a classic!





With Farm-Fresh and Fast, home cooks can:

Learn how vegetables and fruits with similar characteristics can be used

Find master recipes that make it easy to tailor a recipe to what you have on hand

Discover ingredient substitutions that will eliminate worry about ruining the whole dish

Find theme menu ideas, food tips and a glossary of common cooking terms

Learn how to mix and drink seasonally with farm fresh cocktails

Have dinner on the table and ready to serve in under 60 minutes

Book will ship along with your first CSA Share delivery of the seaon.  


Case of 25 pounds of our certified organic carrots.  Our sweetest, crispiest storage carrots at our lowest wholesale price available to our CSA members.  Thank you for a wonderful season!