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Depending on where you live, who you work for and who you get your health insurance from, you may be eliglible to receive cash back on the total cost of your CSA share!

There are several Health Insurance Health Plans that are offering $100-$200 back on the cost of your CSA share, depending on your family size.  Visit the Fairshare website to learn more.

A list of a few Insurance Providers that offer Rebates for signing up with a CSA Farm:

Unity Health

Dean Health Plan

Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin

Physician's Plus Eat Healthy Rebate

Health Traditions Health Plan

Small Family Farm

Cashton, WI Organic Valley COB Wed.  9am to 4pm
Dubuque, IA River Lights Bookstore at 1098 Main St. Wed.  12pm to 6pm
Dubuque, IA Hartig Drug at 1600 University Ave. Wed.  1pm to 5pm
Dubuque, IA Ace Home and Garden on JFK Wed.  1pm to 7pm
Dubuque, IA Free Flight at 5010 Wolff Road Wed.  1pm to 6:30pm
Dubuque, IA Mercy Medical Center (employees only) Wed.  1pm to 5pm
Dubuque, IA Loras College (faculty and staff only) Wed.  1pm to 4pm
Fitchburg, WI Barriques at 5957 McKee Rd. Wed.  3pm to 9pm
Holmen, WI Be Fit Gym at 800 S Holmen Dr. Wed.  1pm to 6pm
Lancaster, WI 2 Parkwood Street, Member's Home Wed.  11am to 6pm

La Crosse, WI

Riverside Center at 332 Front Street South

Wed.  12pm to 5pm

La Crosse, WI Mayo Clinic Health System Wed.  1pm to 5:30pm

La Crosse, WI

3700 Elm Drive, Member's Home (Near Shelby Mall)

Wed.  1pm to 8pm

La Crosse, WI

The Root Note at 115 4th St. S.

Wed.  1pm to 7pm

La Crosse, WI

YMCA at 1140 Main St.

Wed.  1pm to 5pm

La Crosse, WI

Gundersen Health System of La Crosse (employees only)

Wed.  1pm to 5pm

La Crosse, WI

UMESC (employees only)

Wed.  12pm to 4pm

La Crosse, WI Belle Square Fitness at 303 State St. Wed.  1pm to 8pm
La Farge, WI Our Farm:  S2958 West Salem Ridge Road Wed.  9am to 7pm
La Farge, WI Organic Valley Cropp 2 Wed.  9am to 4pm
Madison, WI Regent Street Market Wed.  11am to 7pm
Madison, WI Whole Trees at 800 Williamson Street Wed.  12pm to 6pm
Madison, WI SuperCharge! Foods at 1902 East Washinton Ave. Wed.  1pm to 6pm
Madison, WI Barriques at 1825 Monroe St. Wed.  12pm to 9pm
Madison, WI Steve's Wine Beer & Spirits at 3618 University Ave Wed.  1pm to 9pm
Madison, WI Bernie's Place at 39 University Houses Wed.  1pm to 5pm
Madison, WI Madison College Truax Campus Wed.  1:30pm to 7pm
Madison, WI GHC/UW Health East at 5249 E Terrace Dr. Wed.  1:30pm to 5pm
Madison, WI Teejop Hocira at 4724 Tradewinds Pkwy. Wed.  2:30pm to 6pm
Middleton, WI Barriques at 1901 Cayuga St. Wed.  11am to 9pm

Onalaska, WI

Gundersen Helath System of Onalaska (employees only)

Wed.  11am to 5pm

Onalaska, WI

First Luthern Church at 410 Main St.

Wed.  11am to 7pm

Onalaska, WI Allergy Associates of La Crosse Wed.  11am to 5pm
Platteville, WI Driftless Market at 95 West Main Street Wed.  3pm to 6:30pm
Sparta, WI Mayo Clinic Health System Wed.  12pm to 7pm
Sun Prairie, WI 472 N Heatherstone Dr. (Member's Home, near Horizon Elementary) Wed.  2pm to 5pm
Sun Prairie, WI Northeast YMCA Wed.  2pm to 10:30pm
Tomah, WI Tomah Health at 501 Gopher Dr. Wed.  10am to 5pm

West Salem, WI

405 East Garland Street, Member's Home

Wed.  12pm to 6pm

Verona, WI

Minerals and More at 1035 North Edge Trail

Wed.  3pm to 6:30pm

Viroqua, WI

314 East Oak Street, Member's Home

Wed.  8:30am to 4pm

 No dropsite in your neighborhood?  

If there are 10 or more people at your workplace or neighborhood who would be interested in signing up for a CSA share?  Contact us about setting up a new dropsite to your workplace or neighborhood!