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S 2958 W. Salem Ridge Road
La Farge, Wisconsin  54639

Farm Phone: 1-608-625-4178
Jillian Varney, Organic Farmer

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You don't get to choose what you get, but that's the fun in it!  Once the season gets rolling, each box will contain 10-13 different items, likely challenging you with one 'unusual' item like kohlraib or rutabaga.  

Sample Spring Box

June 6th 

1-2 head lettuce 1 head Pac Choi
3/4 pound spinach 1 bunch rainbow chard
1 bunches radishes 1/2 pound overwintered shallots
1 pound asparagus 1 basil plant



Sample Summer Box


1 bunch red and yellow beets 2 small white onions 1 zucchini
1 head green cabbage 1 garlic 1 summer squash
2 bunch collards 1 hungarian hot wax pepper 2 bell peppers
5 pounds tomatoes   1 pint gold cherry tomatoes
1 garlic   3/4 lb yellow and purple beans



Sample Fall Box

1 pie pumpkin 1 bunch carrots
1 pound broccoli 1 head lettuce
1 white onion 1 bunch cilantro
1/2 pound spinach 3 lbs gold potatoes
1 brussel sprout stalk 1 leek

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